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Project Integration with Broadcast Perspective

Blinds.com, Houston

Stunning Digital Signage

Blinds.com - The NUMBER ONE Online Retailer of window covering in the World contracts TWIST IST.

Blinds.com vision to revolutionize Corporate Digital Signage implementation is literally changing the signage industry and exponentially driving Blinds.com growth and profitability. Digital Signage, HD Video over IP, Animation, multiple in-house channels, Video Walls, Conferencing, Meeting Space, Projection, Audio, and More is supported by state-of-the-art technology, system design, integration, and installation provided by TWIST IST. Over 250 employees, across 2 floors and 60,000 square feet are informed of ever-changing vital business statistics.


It is critical to work closely with the client, general contractor, facilities manager, IT department, various corporate executives, and sub-contractors to fully define roles, expectations, and use for complex AV Integration Projects. The process of integration involves defining the technology to be implemented and then creating the connections between devices. It is the integrator’s responsibility to provide detailed requirements throughout the process including electrical, structural, and IT network infrastructure. A defined Scope of Work along with commercial drawings are created and coordinated with all of the parties involved for approval. Programming, training and continued support on AV integration is a necessity to fully implement AV solutions.


Solutions for Commercial AV Integration: Digital Signage plays a big part of Blinds.com internal corporate communications. TWIST IST configured custom rack mounted players to transmit content across the network. VoIP along with AV Series Fiber Stacking switches perform the task and Blinds.com content is deployed throughout the floor on commercial displays rated for 24/7 operation. Professionally installed projectors display on ceiling recessed screens. Huddle Space is not just a buzz word. TWIST IST solutions brings employees together to share their work in a quick and efficient manner. In today’s corporate infrastructure, the definition of a Huddle Space is an area for employees to gather, communicate, and increase productivity. These small meeting spaces are equipped with audio, video and display system technology. Wireless Collaboration provides a tremendous benefit in the spaces as it allows the users to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and share work wirelessly without a mess and multitude of cables, connectors and adapters. Audio and Video over IP deliver a method of conducting meetings with end users across the globe. Skype for Business and other online meeting applications provide a method to coordinate and manage web-based meetings. Full solutions for large meeting rooms require advanced AV technology including installed sound, microphone arrays, in-ceiling speakers, digital signal processors and additional equipment; all of which, TWIST IST implemented for Blinds.com. Not everyone in a corporate environment is tech savvy. Therefore control of AV Systems must be concise, succinct, and intuitive. TWIST IST provides user friendly AV Control solutions that include power cycling, switching input selections to be displayed, microphone and speaker volume and equalizer controls, Audio and Video conferencing controls and collaboration launching control. For even more in depth system control, the lead AV Technician on-site has capability to remotely access the system and make adjustments as needed.


TWIST IST provided multiple solutions for the Blinds.com project which included the following technology:


  • Conference Room Technology
  • Huddle Space Technology
  • Wireless Collaboration
  • Laser Phosphor projector
  • Ultra Short Throw projection
  • Recessed and rear projection screens
  • Microphone Microbeam Arrays
  • In-Ceiling speakers
  • Digital Signal Processor
  • VOIP
  • Networking Systems including Fiber Stacking Modules
  • Digital Distribution
  • Digital Signage
  • Commercial Displays
  • Room Control
  • Site Management Systems


The Home Depot Technology Center, Austin

When The Home Depot says; “More Saving, More Doing,” TWIST Integration Solutions Technology Works.

City Council Chamber, Stafford

  • Lighting Installation
  • Wireless Collaboration
  • Visual Presenter
  • Projection / Display
  • Uninstall Outdated Equipment
  • Cable Installation
  • Re-wire / Re-Configure Chamber & Master Control
  • Mic & Sound for Live Meetings
  • HD-SDI PTZ Camera Installation
  • Master Control / Switching Upgrade
  • Signal Distribution
  • HD Video over IP
  • Library / Archiving System
  • Live Web Broadcast / VOD / Software / Licensing

Harris County Public Health & Environmental Services, Houston

HCPH mission Promoting a Healthy and Safe Community goes mobile with TWIST IST.

Mobile Fly Kit for Live Video Production includes Blackmagic Design ATEM Production Switcher, JVC Professional Camera’s and Monitoring, AJA KiPro Rack Recording, Full Camera Control through Networking.

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